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French president pokes at Trump for leaving Paris accord

Mar 11, 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron has taken a jibe at President Donald Trump for withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement

India, France to work for Indian Ocean freedom of navigation

Mar 10, 2018

India and France have pledged to work together to ensure freedom of navigation in the Indian Ocean and have signed an agreement to expedite construction of a big nuclear power plant in India by a French company

UN development program names Pakistani a goodwill ambassador

Feb 26, 2018

U.N.'s development program appoints first Pakistani woman to climb Mound Everest its goodwill ambassador for the country

Rescued French climber leaves Pakistan after peak tragedy

Jan 30, 2018

A representative of a Pakistani mountaineering group says a French mountain climber who was rescued from a Himalayan peak where her climbing partner is presumed dead has returned home

Rescued French climber recovering in Pakistani hospital

Jan 29, 2018

French climber rescued from Himalayan peak recovering in Pakistan hospital, will be discharged soon

French climber found alive in Himalayas; Pole still missing

Jan 27, 2018

A French woman has been found alive but suffering frostbite on a Himalayan mountain, but another climber, a Pole, was still the object of a rescue operation, according to Polish media reports

Nepal mountaineering record keeper Hawley dies at age 94

Jan 26, 2018

Elizabeth Hawley, an American journalist who kept records of mountaineers on Nepal's highest peaks, has died at age 94

Indian army soldiers fight fire from highly polluted lake

Jan 20, 2018

Thousands of Indian troops are fighting a huge fire emanating from a highly polluted lake that has caused panic among thousands of people in the southern city of Bangalore.

Iran oil tanker explodes, sinks off China with no survivors

Jan 14, 2018

Burning Iranian oil tanker, explodes and sinks after more than a week listing off the coast of China

Leopards kill at least 3 children in rural India

Jan 10, 2018

Media reports say at least three children have been killed by leopards in a series of recent attacks in rural India

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