Mindspa offers free psychological support program

Apr 7, 2020

Mindspa mobile app gives away a free course amid the coronavirus crisis

New York City, Apr 7, 2020 (Issuewire.com) - During this COVID-19 emergency, keeping our mental health in checks is more important than ever. Many people are experiencing overwhelming feelings due to fear, anxiety and uncertainty over the pandemic.

Mindspa's team of 10+ psychologists decided to create and give away a support program on how to cope and endure through these tough times.

The program is structured as a 7 days course filled with psychotherapeutic resources, and it's accessible on the Mindspa mobile app, available both on Google Play and App Store.

The course is offered for free to whoever might need it; access codes can be requested either on the Mindspa's facebook page, or using the contact form directly inside the application.

Mindspa is a startup that has recently launched a multi-language mobile application about mental wellbeing, currently available in English, Italian and Russian.

The app is getting very positive feedback so far, with over 30,000 registered users in less than two months.

Besides dedicated courses, Mindspa features plenty of free inspirational readings, Psychosutra (which is a collection of coping-skills exercises), a diary to keep track of your emotions and an emergency chatbot.

For anyone struggling with their emotions during this lockdown, it's an opportunity not to miss.

Access to the course is simple:

Download the 'Mindspa' app Search the course named 'Plaid' Insert the activation code (to be requested on Facebook or via the Contact form)

"These are scary times for all - for patients fighting the disease, for healthcare professionals, for all the workers on the frontline, and even for people just forced to stay inside. Mental health is important and this situation is affecting everyone. Furthermore, not being allowed to leave the house, who is used to the typical face to face sessions with a therapist is facing a real challenge, and even who is most resistant to changes, now needs to quickly adapt to new technologies. We are offering a free support program to whoever might need it, hoping that our resources can be of value for individuals." - this is the comment of Maurizio Savino, CEO of Mindspa.

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