Jaymes Baker has released a new educational gaming app, Eve_IO that lets players choose Cyberpunk-Themed story games

Jan 19, 2020

Jaymes Baker has launched Eve_IO, which allows players to choose their story games. In this game, players are presented with the opportunity to join the weird but fun world of an augmented teenage girl known as Eve, who resides in an outstanding cyber-punk-themed city.

All that a player has to do is to choose your story game, which has a unique and personalized concept. The concept that the player creates ends up bringing up a very impressive blend of adventure and education. This means that you can enjoy the thrill that comes with the selected story game as you also learn.

The game allows you to live in a cyberpunk world where you are expected to display rational thinking skills, as you also acquire knowledge and learn from the people who live in the surroundings.

Features of Eve_IO include:

It has a cool augmented teen girl character. You have the liberty to pick your story gameplay. There are educational questions in this game app. It employs an aesthetic style of art. It has original soundtracks. This game is 100% private and does not contain ads.

Jaymes Baker has so far presented Chapter 1 of this educational game app, and is expected to create more chapters in the future.

Check out the game on Google Play and start living the very exciting and equally interesting life of the main character, Eve.


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Jaymes Baker




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