New Vegan News Site launched

Nov 13, 2019

November 14, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Vegans Be The Change is a newly launched Digital Media Publisher with a Vegan News Site. It is based in Totnes in Devon, England. Contributing writers have been posting topical news stories for several months now.

The Vegan News site is building a reputation as a reliable, well-informed source of up-to-date information on current UK and global vegan trends.

Nicholas Orosz, founder and chief editor of Vegans Be The Change, says: “Veganism is one of the most important social movements today. Its growth over just the course of this year is remarkable. It is an idea whose time has come. It has implications for our individual health, for animal welfare and for the global environment. I strongly believe that as individuals we all have the power to make a difference in the choices that we make.”

The Publisher has incorporated the notion of self-empowerment into its brand that was coined by Mahatma Gandhi. “Be the change that you want to see in the world,” he famously once said.

Orosz has spent the past few months further understanding the breadth and scope of vegan issues, partly through developing an active Vegans Be The Change Facebook Group of over 500 vegans and vegan-friendly people alike and noting the direction of the conversations.

“I passionately believe in encouraging non-vegans to make dietary choices that increasingly consume less milk and dairy, as well as meat. These individual actions do make a difference,” says Orosz.

“I have spent the past several months understanding the areas of interest of vegans and how the landscape is changing. Vegans and "Predominant Vegans" come to this path for very different reasons. There seems to be a disconnect in society with so many people not really aware of where their food comes from. In particular, most people have absolutely no idea about the harsh reality of the dairy industry.”

The Publisher intends to chronicle the ongoing nuances of this “activism of the stomach” and inform and inspire people. It is particularly interested in examining the ethical issues that underpin this social justice movement. It intends to be an agent for change and to contribute a little more sanity in the world and encourage the politics of greater compassion.


For more information about Vegans Be The Change, contact the company here:

Vegans Be The Change
Nicholas Orosz
Vegans Be The Change
The REConomy Centre
13 Leechwell Street
Devon TQ9 5SX

ReleaseID: 60032422


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