Papa Bear Botanicals Emerges As A Top Store For Lab-Tested CBD Products

Dec 13, 2019

Papa Bear Botanicals has emerged as one of the top and premier choice of company for those who are on the lookout for lab-tested hemp CBD products. This is a family-owned business that has been making steadfast progress. 

[Texas] dated December 9th, 2019- Papa Bear Botanicals is a family-owned start-up business that has been offering the best quality of lab-tested hemp CBD products.

They aim at offering the best quality of products and ensure that buyers have one of the finest shopping experiences of all time. The focus is always on offering the best plant-based products which are procured using the purest ingredients. 

Papa Bear Botanicals made it a point to create a partnership with US-based companies that are known to adhere to the strictest quality laws. When growing CBD products, extra focus is paid to ensure that the strictest of organic farming process guidelines are adhered to. This is because Papa Bear Botanicals makes it a point to not fiddle at the slightest with the government rules, regulations, and the safety norms.

Chris Barron, the founder of Papa Bear Botanicals was quoted as saying, “My wife was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 12 years old. She has suffered from seizures her whole life. The different prescriptions offered little relief and many side effects. When I heard of the positive results with CBD oils, I was interested. This triggered the growth of my company and I am proud of how far we have come.”

As he came across different kinds of samples that weren’t always impressive or lacked information, he decided to venture into this field himself and the company has not looked back ever since. They have been constantly making a great deal of progress and most customers have been pleased with their purchases.

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About Papa Bear Botanicals

Papa Bear Botanicals is a family-owned start-up business that was created with the aim of offering the best quality of lab-tested hemp CBD products. They wanted to offer the finest quality to buyers and ensure that all safety guidelines are adhered to. 


Media Contact: 

Contact Person: Chris Barron

Contact Number: 713-806-4313



Address: 27708 Tomball Parkway #172, Tomball, TX 77375



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